G-Star Raw: Window Display Poster

Advertisement Created: Nov 11, 2014 for Copywriting and Creative ExecutionU3117146 Large Window Display Poster-page-001.jpg


I wanted to create a window display poster that caught the eye of people passing by while communicating the message of my “Be more with G-STAR RAW” campaign.

I have often noticed that some people (myself included) are drawn to mirrors when walking around the shops or shopping centres. I never pass the opportunity to look at when I walk past a mirror, even if it is just for a quick glance to see if my clothes are ok, if my hair is not messed up, etc. I thought that by putting a large mirror in the window display poster would catch people’s attention.

I then decided to place photos of accomplished and well-known actors, musicians, film directors, ocean activists and models (many have worked with G-Star Raw) around the mirror and add the headline “WHO ARE YOU?” in bold letters. I hoped that in the case that someone stops to look at themselves in this mirror, they would be able to picture themselves as a part of this elite group of people.

The strapline “Be more with G-Star Raw” in bold letters reiterates how by wearing G-Star Raw products, the customer can be associated with, and perhaps achieve great things like the people in the poster.

This will hopefully entice people to come inside the store and try on some of G-Star Raw’s products.



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