Best Tracks of 2017… So Far


Meg Mac – ‘Low Blows’
This song has been my ultimate power song for the last few months. Every time I hear ‘Low Blows’, I get all riled up and feel the urge to sing as loud as I can. With amazing vocals, emotionally charged lyrics and an incredible musical arrangement, what more can you want from a song?

Alina Baraz – ‘Electric’ ft. Khalid
Alina’s icy cool voice and Khalid’s effortlessly suave sound are a match made in musical heaven. This song is passionate, lustful and exciting all at the same time. Bursting with synth beats, guitar riffs and seductive lyrics, ‘Electric’ will rock you into a gooey romantic dream you’ll never want to wake up from.

Vallis Alps – ‘Fading’
Being a Canberra girl myself, I can’t help but be superbly excited (and slightly biased?) that someone from our neck of the woods is creating some amazing music. ‘Fading’ is an absolute ripper of a song filled with playful harmonies, romantic lyrics and interlacing electronic beats. Parissa Tosif’s velvety voice is the cherry on top of this feel good number.

Contribution as a part of a large collective feature by the Wickedd Childd Team.


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